Why Sharks Don’t Have Bones and Other Stories (1990-91)

“Why Sharks Don’t Have Bones and Other Stories” was an evening of dance theater presented at Schoenberg Hall at the UCLA Center for the Performing Arts in January 1991. This program included five pieces that I choreographed:

  • I dreamed…;
  • Channeling the Shark Mind;
  • Trojan Waltz;
  • I Throw Her in the Air; and
  • Roaring.

still from “Trojan Waltz”

still from “Channeling the Shark Mind”

Three of these pieces had their premieres during this event. I Throw Her in the Air had  been performed the previous September (1990) as part of the L.A. Open Festival. In April of 1990, both Channeling the Shark Mind and Trojan Waltz had premiered in Los Angeles as part of “Mappa Mundi,” a performance series organized by Combine, a choreographers’ collective I co-founded.

still from “Trojan Waltz” video by Lorie Erikson


In June of 1991, I went on to make a video based on Trojan Waltz (which was a duet in which I was one of the two performers) in collaboration with Los Angeles  video artist Lorie Erikson.