Demotic (2004-06)

Demotic is an original theater work I created with Antoinette LaFarge. We first did a workshop version at the Beall Center for Art & Technology at UC Irvine in 2004, and then premiered the full work at the Baltimore Theatre project in November 2006. Demotic was a joy-ride through what we thought of as elements of the ongoing American political psychosis: political corruption, war-mongering, loss by disaster, distraction, and conspiracy mania.

In this piece, actor Tracy A. Leigh was the central performer, responding to both the online performers (through text projections and speech synthesis) and a team of sound artists and programmers, Maria de los Angeles Esteves and Jeff Ridenour. The result was a piece that was sung as much as it was spoken, with a complex soundscape built out of all the different elements.

Here are some performance videos: