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This site is currently on hold, and has not been updated for a number of years. I have plans to update it in the near future. Stay Tuned. -R

Far-Flung news

I’ve agreed to serve as movement consultant for, and perfomer in, an upcoming project in the Experimental Media Peformance Laboratory (xMPL) at UC Irvine. Entitled Far-Flung follows function, it’s the brainchild of New York artist Ursula Endlicher. It will premiere in October.

Galileo news

It took several months after we finished the Galileo in America performances, but we’ve finally completed the photo book for the project. You can download a pdf version of it here: Galileo in America (pdf)  

Hangmen news

I was invited to present a new work, Hangmen Also Die, in OSCENE 10 at the Laguna Art Museum in Laguna, CA (Feb. 12-May 16, 2010). OSCENE 10 is a high-visibility annual survey of contemporary art and culture in Orange County. Recently I have been extending my practice as a director and theater maker into […]

WISP news

I have been collaborating on a project entitled WISP (World-Integrated Social Proxy) to produce a viable counterfeit of the well-known digital media artist Antoinette LaFarge. This involves working with both the artist and an actress who will be replacing Antoinette in various social and professional situations. The latest installment of this project was at a […]

Rapture news

My performance project from spring 2008, Playing the Rapture, has found a second life in two recent video installations, one at the California Museum of Photography and one at the CalIT2 Gallery at UC San Diego. Below areĀ  links to some images from these installations. 1. “Scalable Relations: CalIT2 Gallery, UC San Diego, Jan. 23-March […]