Yoga Bio

My first experience with yoga was in high school when a friend talked me into taking a workshop on Kundalini Yoga that was being offered through the local community college. The workshop led directly to regular classes.  At the time I was a tall, gangly teen with acne and chronic back pain. In short order the yoga eliminated my back pain. I also found that I stood taller, ate better, and for the first time in my life felt as if I was in control.

After high school I went to art school, and after that I became a dancer. When I retired from performing, I started taking yoga again as a viable substitute for the intense training regimen my body had become used to. During this period I went back to school, got a degree in directing theater, and began teaching acting , directing, and movement for actors. Since my rediscovery of yoga  approximately fifteen years ago now, I have been exploring the possibilities of yoga practice for the actor, and not long ago I  completed the 200-hour and 300-hour professional yoga teacher trainings with Yoga Works.

Life is performance. Yoga is more than a way to simply help us live healthier, it is also a tool that can teach us how to bring more grace and beauty to the performance our lives, on and off stage.